Eng. Amina Al Bastaki- MOIAT

Amina has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences and industry from the United Arab Emirates University, with 23 years of experience in the field. She also has a Certificate of Affiliation to the 4th Industrial Revolution program and a number of specialized vocational certificates from International institutions. Amina is president of the GulfMet and leading the National Legal Metrology Committee. She has establish Systems for Metrology and accreditation and also she issued standards and regulations according to International standards in the field of Metrology and food Sectors.

She is also a key member of the team that played a vital role in Gulf met as president of RMO, obtaining recognition on the Joint Committee for Reginal body. She represents the UAE as a member in several International forums, such as:
– The International Committee of Redefinition of the SI Unit
– Regional Steering Committee of the Legal Metrology.
– RLMO RT Meeting for the GulfMet .